Coffee Enemas Four Times Daily

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health 16 300x187 Coffee Enemas Four Times DailyA couple from Florida loves their coffee. Mike loves an espresso grind that is cold, while Trina prefers a thicker and warmer saturated blend.

The couple from St. Petersburg, Florida will not drink the highly caffeinated drink, which both say is not healthy. Instead, the two use the coffee in an enema. Each month both have a minimum of 100 coffee enemas and since they started 24 months ago with their addiction, they have had a total of 6,000.

Trina, who does not want anyone to know her last name, started the enemas. She said it has taken a life of its own and has tried to stop on two occasions but felt worse, so she started again to have the enemas daily. A drawback she said is that the multiple enemas each day consume a great deal of time.

She said the enemas give her a feeling of euphoria. The two admit they have a minimum of four enemas daily and on one occasion, Trina did 10 within a 24 hour time period. Mike, her husband, who is 45, said at first he thought it was disgusting, but after he tried it, he too became addicted.

The coffee is heated on the stove by the couple and then is injected into their colons to clean the lower intestines. The two said they could not function without having their enemas that take up to five hours each day.

They fill up a bucket that is 32 ounces in size and inject it into their intestine through a hose that is coated in Vaseline. Trina, while administering her enema, either listens to some music or watches television.