FDA Approves Skin Patch to help Migraines

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health 116 300x180 FDA Approves Skin Patch to help MigrainesThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the Zecuity Patch for use amongst adults who suffer migraines without aura and with aura. The battery-powered, single use patch offers relief from nausea related to migraines, along with the migraine headache itself.

It is estimated that more than 16 million U.S. adults suffer from migraines. Of those 16 million, 8 million also suffer from nauseas related to the migraine. They, because of their nausea, refrain from using any medications that are oral. Migraines can cause severe pain, but FDA regulators also said that nausea is common amongst migraine headache patients.

Nupatch, Inc. the company that manufacturers the patch, said it can be applied either to the upper arm or to the upper thigh. Once it is in place, the patch can be activated by simply pushing a button. The patch lasts for up to four hours and dispenses a total of 6.5 milligrams of medication.

Studies with more than 800 patients who suffered from migraines and used more than 10,000 patches indicated the patch was both safe and effective in relieving pain due to migraines, the nausea related to some migraines and sound and light sensitivity during just the first two years it was used.

Studies showed that following two hours of the patch being used: 18% of all patients who had the patch in place no longer suffered from their headaches, compared to only 9% who received just a placebo, 53% after just two hours of use had some type of headache relief compared to over 29% who used placebos. In addition, following just two hours of use, 84% did not have nausea compared to 63% who had taken a placebo.