Gatorade to Pull Controversial Ingredient

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health 123 300x233 Gatorade to Pull Controversial IngredientPepsiCo, Inc the makers of Gatorade have announced that brominated vegetable oil (BVO) a synthetic chemical used as an ingredient in the drink would no longer be used. BVO was originally patented in Europe to be used as a flame retardant.

A PepsiCo spokesperson said the company had been considering eliminating BVO from its list of ingredients in Gatorade for over 12 months and has been working on the best way of taking the ingredient out of the drink without affecting the drink’s flavor.

The company spokesperson said the petition that was calling for BVO to be dropped from Gatorade and had more than 200,000 supporters did not have any bearing on the company’s decision to drop BVO from the ingredient list.

The petition said that BVO has been banned in both Japan and the EU. In the petition was an article that originally appeared in Scientific American that claims BVO could be building up in the tissue of humans who are drinking Gatorade. The article also said that behavorial and reproductive problems had been linked to laboratory mice that had received large-sized doses of BVO.

No exact date was set by PepsiCo for the launch of Gatorade without BVO. The company said no date was set since the Gatorade in the market at present is not being recalled and does not pose any health or safety risks to those who drink it.

BVO is currently used in Gatorade as a flavor emulsifier and will be replaced with sucrose acetate isobutyrate, which like the BVO will help distribute the drink’s color throughout its container.