How to Control Facial Sweating

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Human face is one of the parts of the body that is prone to sweating. If the process is too excessive, then your possible diagnose is facial hyperhidrosis. While it is widely considered as a genetic condition it has also been noted that external stimuli may evoke facial blushing and/or facial sweating. Specialists usually consider facial hyperhidrosis as a genetic disorder, the symptom of which is excessive facial sweating or acute facial blushing (or you can experience them both). In the majority of cases people start to experience the first symptoms already in early adolescence.

It is generally not true that the disease usually influence only on those people who suffer excess weight. The reason can simply lie in the character of a person. Those people who are very embarrassed on public usually have a kind of facial sweating especially if a person needs to attend any public event or participate in any outdoor program. He or she becomes nervous and as a result – swears more.

Is there any way of facial sweat controlling? There are some ways: surgical and non-surgical. The disadvantage of a surgical way is that it can bring you a lot of complications. So it is considered much better to use non-surgical way of facial sweat controlling. Among them the most effective is using the prescribed or over-the-counter antiperspirants. These remedies are helpful in the case of milder forms of facial sweating and usually they have aluminum chloride with ethyl alcohol as topical applications.

Another option among non-surgical ways is to use Botox injections. They have already been used in treating excessive underarm sweating, but it is not proved that the remedy will be helpful with other forms of hyperhidrosis. Moreover, such a treatment can be not very cheap and rather painful.

Still a lot of other non-surgical methods of facial sweat controlling are being developed. The researchers try to find an all-natural remedy that will be without side effects and helpful.