Salmonella in U.S. and Netherlands from Smoked Salmon

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health 11 Salmonella in U.S. and Netherlands from Smoked SalmonLarge numbers of people in the U.S. and the Netherlands have contracted salmonella poisoning after eating smoked salmon from Holland, said health authorities in the Netherlands. Over 100 people have become ill in the U.S. and another 200 in the Netherlands, said the country’s National Institute of Health (RIVM).

An official from RIVM said that the numbers who have taken ill could just be a tiny portion of the total that might become ill or have taken ill but have not reported their sickness. A huge recall has taken place for smoked salmon that was produced by Dutch fish company Foppen.

The  company supplies most of the major supermarket chains in the Netherlands including Albert Hejin, one of the largest retailers, said a Dutch authority for food safety. RIVM said that over 200 people had taken ill through eating the contaminated salmon, while the same salmon has caused 100 in the U.S. to fall ill.

Foppen smoked salmon was taken off all supermarket shelves in the Netherlands and a recall was done internationally targeting the same salmon sold within the U.S. Foppen, in a written statement released on its website, said they offered their sincerest apologies for the inconvenience its has caused.

Salmonella infection usually causes adnominal cramps, diarrhea, fever along with vomiting. Usually the symptoms take up to a week to go away, but for some cases medical treatment might be required due to dehydration.