Sleep More: Learn More and Behave Better

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health 113 300x225 Sleep More: Learn More and Behave BetterA new study shows that by just giving a child another 27 minutes of sleep each day compared to their normal amount of sleep, it could help improve their emotional stability and decrease the quantity of restlessness and impulsive behavior while in school. The study was performed by researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Cutting out about one complete hour of sleep from children aged from 7 to 11 who do not have any health issues does just the opposite. The children are more impulsive, restless and their overall emotions less stable.

Healthy sleep is very important said researchers, as it helps to support a child’s alertness in school and other activities that are key for the child to obtain academic success. Researchers in the study said sleep must be a top priority for parents of children in school and the problems dealing with sleep had to be eliminated.

Prior to this particular study, studies had been mostly observational ones and linked more sleep to better grades with teenagers at school, while fewer hours of sleep was tied to the increased development of psychiatric problems in children.

Experts believe that almost 43% of boys between 10 and 11 do not sleep the amount of time that is recommended. In addition, it is also estimated that close to two-thirds of all children who are school age do not sleep before 9 pm.

Researchers in the study used a randomized process of choosing 34 healthy children between 7 and 11 years of age who did not have problems with sleep, behavior or academics. In one group the children were given an extra hour of sleep for five consecutive nights, while another group was given an hour less each night.