Study Says E-cigarettes Do Not hurt Heart

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health 116 Study Says E cigarettes Do Not hurt HeartElectronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular amongst smokers who are trying to quit. Greek researchers said that the e-cigarettes, which have metal tubes that are battery-powered to transform liquid containing nicotine into a vapor, had no ill effects on the function of the user’s heart.

Using electronic cigarettes is not a healthy habit, but the device is a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, said the lead author of the study Dr. Konstantinous Farsalinos.

Dr. Farsalinos said that if you consider the abundant hazards that are associated with smoking cigarettes, available data suggest that the e-cigarettes are much less harmful that tobacco cigarettes and substituting them in place of traditional cigarettes might be beneficial to the user’s health.

Farsalinos and colleagues examined 20 young smokers’ heart function prior to and after they smoked a traditional tobacco cigarette versus 22 users of e-cigarettes prior to and after using the device for approximately seven minutes.

Those who smoked the tobacco cigarettes suffered substantial heart dysfunction which included an elevated heart rate and blood pressure compared to those who used the e-cigarettes, who saw only a slight increase in blood pressure.

The clinical study in Greece was the first of its kind to look at the effects of the heart from use of e-cigarettes. Another study, which was also small and completed in Greece, showed that the device had little or no impact on the function of the user’s lungs.

The first e-cigarettes were made in 2003 in China, but now are used across the globe by millions of people.