Weight Loss Surgery Beneficial for Children

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Weight loss surgery is seen to be the last resort for children who are morbidly obese. It is only considered by doctors after everything else failed. Health providers believe that bariatric surgery is not a short cut or a solution.

After having bariatric surgery, the patient must consult the doctor every month within the year. The patient must also follow a strict diet and an exercise program.

Doctors screen those who are candidates for bariatric surgery. If they feel that the patient can’t be able to do the follow-up sessions or not committed to a lifestyle change then the surgery is not a solution.

In London, the King’s College Hospital is the first specialist surgical center for pediatric obesity. Dr. Ashish Desai, a pediatric surgeon at the hospital, has performed bariatric surgery on four patients, aged 15 to 17 years old.

The surgery has been performed in children for many years in the Australia and the United States but it was only in recent years that it was carried out in the United Kingdom. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence stated that bariatric surgery should only be considered for children only if the family knows the risks and side effects of the surgery.