Yogurt Tied to Lower Blood Pressure

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health 116 Yogurt Tied to Lower Blood PressureIn a recent study, people who consumed one serving of yogurt every three days were less likely by 31% to develop high blood pressure compared to those people who did not eat yogurt. The study was conducted by members of Tufts University in Boston.

The effect was even stronger amongst people who did not take antihypertensive medication. The researchers said that Yogurt was a low-fat product that was dense in nutrients and the higher the consumption rate, a part of an overall healthy diet, the more beneficial for the control of blood pressure and prevention of hypertension.

New research results reinforce the role of low-fat dairy products in lowering blood pressure that had already been known by medical experts.

The group studied nearly 2,200 adults who at the time were not hypertensive. The participants in the study answered questions regarding their diets and were studied for blood pressure along with a number of other measures in the study. In the food frequency questionnaire filled out by participants, 44% said they consumed yogurt only once each month.

During the follow-up that was for 14 years, blood pressure increased and over 900 of the participants became hypertensive. Yogurt consumption also increased and those with the highest consumption, over 2% of their calories daily were from yogurt, were less apt to have hypertension.

Although many factors were adjusted for in the study, a study of this type (co-relational) can never completely eliminate additional unmeasured factors. In addition, the highest consuming group did not average over half of a serving per day of yogurt.